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Rick says:

     Music has been my passion my whole adult life.  When I was probably "a little too wet behind the ears," I was signed to several record labels (Vault, Fantasy, United Artists).  In those days I got to record with some amazing players, including the likes of Kenny Buttrey, Johnny Gimble, and David Briggs in Nashville, and Jim Keltner, Joe Osborne, and Waddy Wachtel in LA.  Although that was certainly exciting and a great learning experience, I feel that I never truly matured as a musician and felt at ease or at home until I moved to Texas, where I found the music scene refreshing and amazingly good.  Folks there seemed to be playing music from the heart and for the right reasons.  It wasn't about record deals, managers, agents etc, as it had been in LA.  I played all over Texas and got to know and share Festival and Club stages with some great singer/songwriters, including Lucinda Williams, Townes Van Zandt , Tom Russell (Tom and I shared the “best new folk artist” award one year at the Kerrville Folk Festival), and even Willy Nelson.

     For family reasons, I moved back to Los Angeles, and through producer Brian Ahern and engineer Bradley Hartman, I got to know and record with some premier country/rock players including Albert Lee, "Sneaky Pete" Kleinow, & Greg Leisz, among others.  With help from the above and core rhythm section pros David Chamberlain (bass) and Rich Diamond (drums), I've been putting out independent CDs ever since and distributing them on I am pleased to say that my “True Love” Jos Callard and I have moved back to Texas and are currently happily writing, recording, performing, and living just outside of Austin.

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